Happy Father's Day

I came across this Little Mama Diary blog and below was what she wrote:

" Today is Sunday, 21st June. It’s the Father’s Day. So, I’m wishing to all great fathers out there – Happy Father’s Day! Frankly, I never celebrate a Father’s Day. In fact, I never heard of any other celebration than Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas when I was young. Pity me? Don’t be LOL. Just blame the government because doesn’t make it a public holiday…ha..ha..ha
I only knew about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when I studied in a boarding school in Seremban (TKC). But, I never bother to celebrate. Because I never been taught to celebrate (read: bukan tradisi).
What is a Father’s Day anyway? A day to appreciate your dad, is it? A day to celebrate having a dad, right.
But, not everyone has a good dad you see. Many have evil dads. Many have ignorant dads. Many have NO dad at all. So, doesn’t that mean celebrating a Father’s Day could hurt certain people’s feeling, right? What will those who never get the LOVE from a dad feel, hmmmm. Oh.. I’m not against Father’s Day celebration. Let’s all appreciate our dad!"

Pada hakak, ape yang dia ckp tu ada betulnye...hakak pun actually tak hingat langsung last Sunday tu Father's Day...dah nak petang baru teringat, tu pun time hubby keluar hakak pikir, owh nantila hubby balik nak wish...alih2 time dia balik hakak terus tak ingat smp la mlm....hahaha tu pun ingat balik sbb ada org lain wish hubby i...huhuhu

So semalam hakak beli la kek (sekali utk besday pak mertua) and kfc untuk makan 1 family. Since hakak ni tak kreatif cam org lain, hakak beli je card kat 7-Eleven..hahaha...hakak tulis a simple words for him and sign by me and her daughter. Tapi weol sign pakai mulut jek, hakak pakaikan si kecik tu lipstik then suruh dia cium kat kad tu, same goes to jadi cam cop mohor drpd kitorg la...haahha...n the simple words plak hakak kasi cmni jek, tak romantik kan?

Dear Abah

Abah tak tahu ikat tocang

Tak tahu menjahit

Tak tahu berkebun

Baaanyak yang abah tak tahu


We still love you for who you are...

Happy Father's Day Abah!

But we don’t really need a special day to tell him that we love him, right? How about telling him EVERYDAY? How about appreciating and loving him every seconds?



like ur n3..lets appreciate every1 around us everyday, every might b d last day of appreciating them....who knows..

MrsYusofhussain said...

ati - thanks...agree with u too

aNiS tHe BumbleBee said...

ouuhh...syahdu beb aku bace kad ko...

MrsYusofhussain said...

kak anis - hahaha, siot kan syahdu...tu kira ayat paling mendalam pernah aku tulis ape...kikiki


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